GNRS Application Programming Interfaces


The GNRS web interface uses the GNRS API to access the GNRS database and search engine. The GNRS API functions handles all traffic between external applications and the GNRS search engine. The API can be used to process large batches of names (exceeding the current limit of 5000 names) rapidly by looping through large name lists in batches of 5000. The GNRS API can be used by third-party developers wishing to include GNRS content and search capabilities in their applications. For more information on the GNRS API and detailed instructions and examples of how to access the API in languages such as R and PHP, see documentation on the GNRS API GitHub repository

GNRS R package

Users who are familiar with the R programming language may prefer to access the GNRS using the RGNRS R package. All options available from the GNRS API are also exposed via the R package.