How To Use The GNRS

  • 1. Enter political division names. Type or paste political division names into the input box. Enter up to three nested political divisions per line, comma separated, in this order: country, state/province, county/parish. Country is required. The remaining political division levels are optional, but you MUST include the commas even if the value itself is missing. Also, if you enter a value for county/parish then it must be preceded by a value for state/province. If any political division name includes commas, then it must be surrounded by double quotes. You can submit up to 5000 political division triplets at a time.

  • The screenshot below shows the various ways in which political division names can be entered:

  • 2. Download results. Download your results by clicking on the "Download Data" control, selecting either a comma-delimitted or tab-delimitted file.

  • 3. Cite. Please cite the GNRS and all GNRS data sources used in any publication which includes political divisions names resolved using the GNRS. See Cite for details.